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Frequently Asked Questions

Art Guidelines

When emailing us artwork to reproduce your logo or design, please follow these guidelines:

  • Images must be clean and clear for reproduction

  • For email, please send high resolution .jpg, .tif, or .eps files

  • Art must be black and white—NO grayscale or photos

NOTE: If you are sending us artwork that is blurred, colored photos, grayscale, blown up, Internet thumbnails, or business cards, it is more labor intensive and may require a surcharge.

How long does an ice sculpture last?

An average ice sculpture melts approximately 1" per hour at a room temperature of 70 degrees.

How much does an ice sculpture weigh?

A one-block ice sculpture can range from 150–250 pounds. The average weight of a two-block ice sculpture is 300–500 pounds.

How much ice is used in each sculpture?

  • Half block (20" x 20"): used as a small table centerpiece (examples: swan, luge, bowl)

  • Full block (40" x 20" x 10"): most popular centerpieces used on buffet tables or room focal points

  • Multi-block (2 or more blocks): will create a monumental centerpiece

What type of delivery is offered?

  • Freezer to freezer

  • Direct to table setup

What can be sculpted out of ice?

Company logos, figures, luges, ice bars, bowls, baskets, vases, letters, names—just about anything!

How much notice is needed for ordering?

Contact us by email or phone at least 3 weeks before your event. At least 10 days is required for catalog ice sculptures.

What do I need at my location for setup?

  • Sturdy 6' banquet table is preferable, skirted and clothed

  • Nearby electrical outlet

  • Bucket to collect water

NOTE: We offer trays and lighting for an additional fee

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